Patient Instructions
Friday, 13 December 2013 09:50
  • Before The Transplant
    1. Blood test is required and it will be done at our clinic on the same day of the procedure.
    2. Do not take Aspirin, vitamin, herb, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent or Propanolol for 7-10 days before the surgery. Continue taking your regular medications unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
    3. Avoid alcoholic beverages for 2 days before the surgery.
    4. No haircut is advised before the transplant. Leave the hair long to provide better coverage.

  • Transplant day
    1. Please wear loose-fitting, buttoned clothing or shirt as you will not want to pull anything over your head.
    2. Before the operation, have a light breakfast with no tea or coffee.
    3. Please inform the doctor regarding any drug allergy.
    4. Please arrive at the clinic at the time specified.
    5. Please notify the doctor in case of any fever or sickness prior to treatment.
  • After the transplant
    1. Take special care not to hit your head. This often occurs while you are getting into a car.
    2. Please do not touch the transplanted hair for the first 24-48 hours after the surgery since we want the grafts to adhere solidly during this time. You can comb and style your hair but do not allow the comb to contact the skin in the grafted area.
    3. Limit all strenuous exercise (including lifting and sex) and swimming for the week following the transplant. Also avoid all Aspirin and alcoholic beverages for 3 days following the transplant.
    4. Taking post-operative medications as the doctor prescribed.
    Pain relief medication Please take 2 pills every 4-6 hours if needed, and start at the early stages of discomfort. Do not wait for discomfort to get bad before taking medication. It is more effective to stay ahead of the discomfort than to try to overcome it. Most patients are pain free after the first or second post operative day.
    Antibiotic Take one capsule of antibiotic 3 times a day after each meal for 2-3 days until finished.
    5. After 24-48 hours post transplant, return to the clinic to have your hair washed. After this you can wash your hair everyday at home.

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